Gulliver’s Travels Trailer

How did Jack Black become such a marmite actor? He’s got the whole man-child comedy thing going on that made Will Ferrell a hit but some people still can’t get on board.

Maybe his new movie Gulliver’s Travels will change their minds. Probably not though.

Black plays Lemuel Gulliver, a loser who can’t get out of his mail-room job until he takes a chance to impress his long-time crush, travel editor Darcy (Amanda Peet). Won over by an article Gulliver faked, she sends him to the Bermuda triangle on assignment only to have a storm capsize his boat.

Gulliver wakes up to find that he’s been tied down by the diminuitive Lilliputians, a tiny race of people reigned over by Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate and Emily Blunt.

It’s a classic story but can Black pull it off? Find out when it’s released at Christmas in 3D.