I’m Still Here Trailer

I’m Still Here is a documentary film made by The Killer Inside Me’s Casey Affleck and it follows the turbulent life of actor Joaquin Phoenix. But a lot of people are wondering if this is for real or not. Is this a mockumentary? Joaquin’s had a pretty wackadoodle life for the past year but has it all been an elaborate hoax?

Probably not since going off the rails isn’t that uncommon in Hollywood anymore, plus given the fact that Joaquin is a fairly serious-minded man, we’d say he probably wasn’t game for a year-long practical joke. The movie shows the actor growing a bizarre beard and deciding to embark on an ill-conceived rap career, not to mention his strange behaviour on David Letterman’s chat show.

Check out the trailer to I’m Still Here and let us know what you think: fact or fiction, drop a comment down below.