Looper Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt As A Young Bruce Willis

I’m really excited about this, not least because I’ve got a little bit of a man crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In the future, when the mob wants to kill someone, they send them back in time 30 years where a Looper (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) kills them and disposes of the body.  But when his employers send his future self (Bruce Willis) back in time, he lets him escape.  Needless to say the mob aren’t pleased.

It’s directed by Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) which is reason enough to get excited but Gordon-Levitt’s been spending three hours a day applying enough prosthethics and make-up to his face to look like he could pass for a young Bruce Willis. He also looks like he’s wadded up about three packs of chewing gum and stuffed them under his teeth.

And it’s not just looking like Bruce Willis that they’ve accomplished, if you watch the trailer you’ll see that JGL’s adopted a lot of Bruce’s physical mannerisms from previous movies.

It’s out on September 28th and we can’t wait.