Men In Black III Trailer

Returning to protect the earth from the worst scum of the universe for the third time are Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Looks like more of the same. Same big-mouthed aliens, same memory erasing pen thingy, same sunglasses. But this time, it looks like Will Smith is travelling back in time.

I got my hopes up for a minute because Will Smith jumps off a building (a persistant fantasy of mine) but regrettably he seems to survive the fall and wind up in 1969.

There’s not much to this trailer – just enough to let fans of the series know that they’ll be getting exactly what they expect. Josh Brolin as a young Agent K is a great casting decision as all he needs to do is channel George W Bush like he did in W and we’re on to a winner.

Men In Black III will be out in June next year.