New R-Rated No Strings Attached Trailer..

kutscher300Sexual content, adult themes, bad language, nudity and drug material? Well this sounds like a film we want to see! There are several more socially acceptable versions of this trailer for Ivan Reitman’s relationship comedy No Strings Attached, but this one from Coming Soon is our favourite.

If you’re old enough to get served in the UK, then you’re old enough to watch this R-Rated trailer which shows Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutscher getting jiggy. Nice..

The pair star as best friends who decide to get into bed together, but must first set out some ground rules, like no calling in the afternoon just to say “I was thinking about you”; no staring longingly into each other’s eyes; no jealousy; no fighting…etc. Kevin Kline also stars as Ashton’s old man, or ‘tunnel buddy’.

Expect this one in UK cinemas on February 25th.