Romantics Anonymous Trailer Review

When owner Jen-René (Benoit Poelvoorde) hires talented chocolate maker Angélique (Isabele Carré) to work at his factory, the two can’t help but fall in love. These sound like elements that have beaten to death by now, but instead of a shrinking violet who gets swept off her feet by a handsome Lothario, the two are a highly emotional and awkward pair who don’t find romance easy. Still, this isn’t enough of a story to get me hooked without an interesting trailer.

Unfortunately, after watching it appears that no country is immune to the Romantic Comedy clichés that somehow still run rampant throughout Hollywood. My experience with the trailer went something like this but with much more gasping and my heart all a-flutter: “Oh look, they’re both desperate for love. Oh how nice, it looks like they’re finally making progress. Oh wait a minute, they can’t be together for some reason. Oh maybe they can… Oh, HA isn’t that a hilariously awkward moment there at the end!”

This seems like just another rehashed, feel-good love story and just because it has subtitles shouldn’t automatically give it any artistic credibility. We all know that the two are going to get together in the end and if they don’t, I’ll eat my beret.

Expect this film in early December.