Safe House Exclusive Trailer Review

Here’s the trailer for the new thriller Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

<a href=";vid=5af358cd-e708-408a-a123-74c5be5442e3&#038;src=SLPl:embed::uuids" target=_new title="MSN Exclusive: Safe House trailer" rel=noopener>Video: MSN Exclusive: Safe House trailer</a>

Denzel Washington is a badass CIA type called Tobin Frost (really? That’s like calling your main character “Trent Steel” or “Max Power” or “Brendan B. Badass”). Frost is being hunted after going rogue (the plotline to every modern thriller ever) and is eventually captured and taken to a secret location where he’s held by an inxperienced CIA employee (Reynolds).

When the safe house is attacked, the two of them are forced to team up to survive.

It all looks very familiar – Denzel Washington can do this kind of role in his sleep but the man does have a certain charm. No one snaps a neck like Denzel.

Ryan Reynolds on the other hand is coming perilously close to trying everyone patience. He’s got an extremely likable screen presence but films like The Green Lantern and The Change-Up have done nothing for his credibiity. Will this be three duds in a row or a return to form?

Safe House is released in UK cinemas 24th Feb 2012.

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