San Diego Comic Con 2010 Round-up

sdcclogo210x300Well, we may not have been there but that’s not going to stop us from bringing you as many juicy titbits of information from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con as we can! Fans who attended the convention were treated to all kinds of goodies: exclusive footage from upcoming films and TV shows, meet and greets with the stars, panel talks and getting to see all the props and merch that the studios were pimping out.

The exclusive videos – also known as a sizzle reels – were just for the convention goers but now some of them are available online so we waited until we had something good to show you. Not every video is currently available but as soon as we get it, you’ll get it. There are a tonne of panels at the SDCC so we’ve cherrypicked the best to bring you our SDCC 2010 roundup, who knows, maybe next year we’ll actually be there..


megamind1DreamWorks Animation’s next big thing is Megamind which follows a supervillain who accidentally kills off his nemesis, the heroic Metro Man.

Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are providing the vocal talent and it looks like Will got a little too excited to be at Comic Con and donned a very spiffy Megamind costume.

Tina and Jonah joined him on stage and ribbed him for dressing up as he lamented his decision, ‘”I feel a little bit like a turd up here.”‘

Aside from the cast’s comedy stylings, the audience were treated to some tasty 3D footage that you can check out right now, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.


thor1Marvel heroes were out in force this year and one of the biggest came in the shape of Thor. With the exception of Anthony Hopkins, the whole cast turned out for the panel including Chris Hemsworth, Clark Gregg, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings and director Kenneth Brannagh.

Audience members were treated to the following clip in 3D where they could fully appreciate the bulging biceps Chris Hemsworth was rocking. There’s been some copyright issues surrounding the video, ours has been taken down but you watch it if you click right here.


Director Joe Johnston hit the con with the rest of the cast to talk about Captain America and to screen a sizzle reel that contained costume test shoots and a 1940s style voiceover. The film takes place in the 40s, giving the character a relatively faithful origins story and the villain of the piece will be the Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving. The footage isn’t available yet but here’s the film’s official banner and first concept poster.




It was really a Marvel year, in no small part due to the anticipation of announcements surrounding The Avengers movie which will bring together several Marvel characters. It was also announced that in addition to Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Nick Fury, Haweye and The Hulk would also be in the movie played by Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo respectively. Ruffalo takes over from Edward Norton who took over from Eric Bana making it three Hulks in a decade – will it be third time lucky for the big green guy?

On a side note, one of the Thor producers was booed by the crowd when a fan mentioned Norton not being included in the movies. Here an official photo from of the whole gang together for the first time at SDCC.


Here’s the official logo for the movie:


These photos from IMDB features the director of The Avengers and King of the geeks Joss Whedon talking to the crowds:




Green-LanternAnd now the movie that was effectively the winner of SDCC, Green Lantern. The whole cast turned out on the panel where the most exciting thing aside from Blake Lively’s cleavage was when a fan asked Ryan Reynolds to recite the Green Lantern’s oath. Footage courtesy of Geek Gen and Warner Bros.:

Reynolds also let slip – whether he was supposed to or not – that the character Parallax will also appear in the movie. Meanwhile, out on the con floor, there was an impressive prop of Abin Sur from the movie showing the figure lying down in a glass case, image taken by


And here’s the poster series for the movie with each one featuring text from the oath. We can also get the first look at Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond.






The cast of Super including Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler and Nathan Fillion - LA Times
The cast of Super including Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler and Nathan Fillion - LA Times
We’ve heard a few times now that the upcoming Super is in the vein of the superb Kick-Ass as it follows Rainn Wilson’s character Frank D’Arbo who turns into a vigilante superhero with no powers.

His alter-ego is the Crimson Bolt who’s out to save his wife after she becomes a drug addict, but he also gets busy punishing the city’s criminals.

The movie is independently financed so don’t expect Super to have the same level of pimpage as some of the other movies on this list, but we think it’s definitely one to watch. Here’s the first official image of Rainn Wilson in the Crimson Bolt costume:


And here’s Liv Tyler and Rainn together playing husband and wife – guess which one is batting well out of their league:

Liv Tyler and Rainn Wilson in Super
Liv Tyler and Rainn Wilson in Super


For those not in the know, which included us until recently, David Fincher has adapted Eric Powell’s comic series The Goon into an animated feature. But it’s not your average cartoon – it’s got zombies, violence, skunk apes and some foul mouthed drunks. Take a look at the comic con footage and see if this takes your fancy:


On paper, Paul pretty much blew us away; the cast list alone had us going apes**t: Jane Lynch, Kristin Wiig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Sigourney Weaver and Jason Bateman! The lucky folks who were at the panel for Paul were treated to what we’ve heard is a freakin’ awesome sizzle reel and were in the presence of almost the entire cast. Of course the whole hall erupted when the Queen of sci-fi Sigourney Weaver walked onto the stage, which was great considering that she’s mostly in the movie as a voice on the phone.

Though the footage isn’t currently available, we’ve got the first official image from the movie and we’d like to thank who posted the audio of the panel.

Blythe Danner, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig
Blythe Danner, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig

Director Jon Favreau sent the fans at SDCC into a frenzy by announcing that his upcoming sci-fi Western Cowboys and Aliens will be in 2D.

“We got the rigs out, we were testing shooting in stereo, it looked really good, but you shoot stereo, you’ve got to shoot on digital video and this is a western, I don’t want to shoot on video, so the only other route would be conversion. But that’s like shooting in black and white and colorizing it. So coming next year, 2D, ‘Cowboys and Aliens.'”

It seems that eveyone there was kind of over the whole 3D phenomenon and after the success of Inception, people are questioning the technology’s relevance to entertainment. So Favreau became the convention hero and continued to please fans by introducing the cast of the movie including con virgin Harrison Ford who walked out in handcuffs accompanied by guards.

Though the movie had only been shooting for a little while, Favreau screened the sizzle reel which blew the audience away. Until we’ve got the footage for you, take a look at the first official shot of Daniel Craig from the movie:

Daniel Craig as Zeke Johnson in Cowboys and Aliens
Daniel Craig as Zeke Johnson in Cowboys and Aliens

We can’t honestly say that we get too excited about Nicolas Cage’s movies any more, but his new movie Drive Angry might have more of a spring in it’s step since it’s in 3D. There hasn’t been much pimpage for this movie but it’s early days and, well, it’s a Nicolas Cage film about cars so it could be a case of ‘been there, done that’ for audience members. You can check out the footage that was shown at the convention, it’s only 30 seconds but we take what we can get.


Zack Snyder’s fantasy action movie has picked up speed and interest since the first trailer was unveiled at the convention. Stripped, ninjas, robots and dragons – it’s sounds like a random mish-mash of fantasy elements but when you know that the film is set in an insane asylum then it all makes sense. Kind of. Anyhow, the trailer and these pin-up style posters arrived depicting the inmates of said asylum a glamorous but deadly gunslingers. Enjoy.