Sucker Punch Trailer: The Mother Of Movie Mash-Ups..

sucker-punchWe’d only seen a few glimpses of Zack Snyder’s (300 and errmmm… The Legend of the Guardians) Sucker Punch, but thanks to Apple the whole damn trailer is available today and it’s certainly been worth the wait. As you can see this is a three Michelin star mash-up of movie genres. WW2, Harry Potter, The Terminator, Trainspotting… we could go on. And with rockin’ track from the Zeppelin (who’s inflatable namesakes also get a cameo) this trailer is quite a piece of eye-candy in itself.

Brilliant tangents aside, the film is primarily the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning), a girl whose family has been torn apart by tragedy and whose wicked stepfather has thrown her into an asylum – which seems to house nothing but stunningly beautiful young women – to await a lobotomy that will “cure” her wilful tendencies before she’s offered up to an unsavoury character with designs on her body. But luckily, Baby Doll finds a way to escape into her mind’s own world, a fantasy filled with anything her imagination can conjure. Cue the appearance of a mysterious wise man (Scott Glenn), who reveals that her imagination is her path to sanity and salvation.

We can expect this to land in cinemas on 25th March 2011.