The Amazing Spider-Man New Trailer

Following the massive disappointment which was the first Spider-Man trailer, here comes one that actually looks really good.

It’s a complete reboot of the series (some say too soon after the Raimi versions – but actually that was further back than most people realise – 2007). There are some great action set pieces and actually quite a lot of scenes with Peter Parker unmasked, as well as Spidey’s trademark wisecracking. It’s also nice to see them sticking to the comic canon of using mechanical web shooters, not the organic ones that Tobey Maguire had.

Wisely they’re keeping Rhys Ifans’s villain The Lizard largely under wraps but there is a rather good moment which shows how Parker comes up with the formula that created him in the first place.

I’m not sure about the music though which is just blockbuster-horns generic. Ah well, hopefully the real thing will be slightly more inspiring when it hits cinemas in July.