The BFG first-look teaser

Ruby Barnhill in The BFG

Two of the world’s greatest storytellers come together as Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story The BFG is given the big screen treatment by director Steven Spielberg.

Older readers will remember the 1989 animated feature by Cosgrove Hall, which featured the voices of David Jason as the eponymous giant and Amanda Root as the orphan he befriends, but this production is on a far grander scale.

Dahl books have a fine pedigree of transferring well to cinema screens and with Spielberg onboard to weave his own visual magic this promises to be a very popular film. Here’s a first-look trailer of the summer 2016 release.

The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant ) tells the story of a young girl and a giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country.

“I think it was kind of genius of Roald Dahl to be able to empower the children. It was very, very brave of him to introduce that combination of darkness and light,’ and being able to do scary, but also be redemptive at the same time and teach a lesson, an enduring lesson, to everyone, it was a wonderful thing for Dahl to have done, and it was one of the things that attracted me to want to direct this Dahl book,” says Spielberg.

Mark Rylance, a man more familiar with theatre, is cast as the endearingly dim-witted, 24-ft tall BFG, while debutante Ruby Barnhill plays his inquisitive young friend, Sophie.

First published in 1982, The BFG has enchanted readers of all ages ever since – and until now was the only book of Dahl’s not to have been adapted into a feature film. Originally created as a bedtime story, The BFG was Dahl’s own favourite of all his stories.

“It was very important for us to be loyal to the language,” says Spielberg, “and the great writer Melissa Mathison, who also wrote E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, wrote The BFG.

The BFG opens in cinemas on July 22nd 2016, the year that marks the 100th anniversary of Dahl’s birth.