The Cold Light Of Day Trailer

From the director of JCVD Mabrouk el Mechri comes The Cold Light Of Day, an action thriller which sees Henry Cavill (the forthcoming Man Of Steel dontchaknow) uncover a conspiracy when his family are abducted while on holiday.

It’s got Sigourney Weaver pulling  serious faces, Bruce Willis looking rather shiny, some car chases, an assortment of people getting punched in the face and Henry himself jumping off a building.  What larks indeed.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like Bruce Willis has been keeping some secrets…

Oh yeah, and it’s also got that ubiquitous Inception-y blaring horn thing which it is now illegal not to feature in any future trailers (although to a mercifully lesser extent).

It’s out on April 6th.  Mark your diaries.