The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Oh boy, here’s the trailer that a lot of us have been waiting for all year. The teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been whetting appetites since June but now the full length trailer is here.

And well…it’s a little bit disappointing. There’s a big set piece in the shame of the Superbowl disintegrating which is admittedly very cool but there’s little of the bombast that we expected. What is notable though is the amount of sunlight; Nolan’s Batman has so far been a creature of the shadows and now he’s stepping into the light.

Still, we get a good look at Tom Hardy as Bane in all his furry-collar, gas-mask wearing glory and Anne Hathaway as a sinisterly whispering Selina Kyle. There’s Michael Caine’s Alfred giving a tearful speech and Joseph Gordon-Levett running from…something. There’s also a brief glimpse of a Bat Tank and Bat Plane.

If anything, it’s quite reminiscent of Inception – it shares three stars: Hardy, JGL and Marion Cotillard, features a similar tumbling building ending and a similar blaring honk noise. All we need now is for the street to rotate 90 degrees and the dream within a dream is complete.