The Dictator – New Trailer

Following Sacha Baron Cohen’s antics on the Oscar red carpet when he dumped “Kim Jong-il’s ashes” over a none too impressed Ryan Seacrest, we figured that he’d be staging more stunts of the same variety.  But no, it looks like that traditional trailers are the way we’re going…

So what do we have here? As before, the new trailer features world leaders condemning tyrants including Cohen’s General Aladeen (who sounds a lot like Aleksander Merekat).  They demand his presence in New York to address the UN but he’s unwittingly captured and has his beard shaved off before being dumped onto the streets.  Forced to get a job, he falls in with Anna Faris who runs a health food shop where his unorthodox approach to customer service leads to much hilarity.

What’s clear is this is completely different take to the awkward comedies of Borat and Bruno – a much more scripted, straight-forward comedy that doesn’t have any of the public baiting that the Cohen’s previous films had.  Regardless it still looks really funny and has a cracking supporting cast including Ben Kingsley, John C. Reilly and the aforementioned Anna Faris. We’ll know for sure when it hits cinemas on May 18.