The Hangover 2 Full Trailer

hangover300The Hangover was one of the surprise hits of 2009. Well, Hollywood knows a cash cow when it sees one and so The Hangover 2 is heading to cinemas this May.

But really, how is this any different from the original?

It sees the same characters (Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms) off on a stag weekend but this time they’re in Thailand not Las Vegas. They wake up after a heavy night partying unable to remember anything about the night before and one of them is missing – only this time is the bride-to-be’s brother not the groom.

Galifianakis has a prop in the shape of a monkey (replacing the baby from the original) and Helms has a physical malady – a tattoo instead of a missing tooth. Tagging along for the ride is the antagonist from Part I, the insane Chinese gangster Mr Chow (Ken Jeong).

Pay attention Hollywood – a change of costumes and locations does not a new movie make!

Still, the original was surprisingly good fun and chances are we’re going to be treated to more of the same anarchic humour. Just don’t expect anything new.