The Infidel Trailer

Iranian funnyman Omid Djalili stars in David Baddiel’s religious comedy The Infidel.

Mahmud is a lapsed Muslim who loves a bacon butty and thinks it’s funny to teach his young daughter racist slurs. After his mother’s death, Mahmud discovers that he was adopted and that he’s actually Jewish. Having never been particularly religious, he finds he’s totally lost and has no idea how to be Jewish.

He finds a friend and a tutor in Lenny Goldberg (Richard Schiff) who teaches him what it means to be Jewish e.g. how to tell a joke at a bar mitzvah and the proper pronunciation of ‘Oy’.

When Mahmud’s son reveals that his fiancée has a new stepfather who just happens to be a muslim extremist, Mahmud must choose whether to be a Jew or a Muslim.

You can catch The Infidel in cinemas from 9th April, but for now you can check out the trailer.