The Thing Trailer

The Thing remains the only film to have genuinely scared me when I saw it on a family holiday in Norfolk when I was 11. The sight of that upside down spider head thingy still gives me the chills.

Well the trailer for the forthcoming prequel just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’ll follow Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a scientist who visits a remote Norwegian outpost in the Antarctic in order to research a supposed alien spacecraft.

But things (hah!) don’t go quite according to plan when a routine investigation awakens a creature they thought to be long dead and it goes on a killing spree throughout the group. But that’s not all, the creature can also assume the identity of its victims and so rampant paranoia spreads through the camp when they realise it could be posing as any one of them.

It’s got the usual running around screaming in the wilderness vibe that you see in dozens of horror movies and that increasingly common “baaaarp” noise that Inception popularised. Still, it has the usually reliable Joel Egerton in the cast, so it might be worth a look.