The Wicker Tree Trailer

It’s been 24 years since Robin Hardy last made a film (1986’s The Fantasist) but 38 years since his most memorable project, the seminar horror, The Wicker Man was unleashed on cinema goers. A “spiritual successor” in the form of The Wicker Tree (renamed from the infinitely better Cowboys For Christ last year) is now due for release with the trailer just gone live.

The original is widely regarded to be a horror masterpiece and sees a religious police officer investigating the disappearance of a young girl in a small village only to be caught up in a pagan cult. It was remade dreadfully in 2006 with Nicholas Cage. Actually the only thing good to come of that is this hilarious techno remix of one of the film’s key scenes.

It seems like it’s got quite a lot in common with its predecessor but this time concerns an evangelical Texan country singer and her boyfriend attempting to bring Jesus to a small Scottish town called Tressock.

Obviously, this isn’t going to end well but judging from the trailer there’s plenty of flesh involved (of the naked as well as the gory kind). Marvellously, it’s got Christopher Lee doing the voice over although he’s probably not going to be in it that much because he had to withdraw following an injury.

The Wicker Tree stars Brittania Nichol, Graham McTavish, Jacqueline Leonard, Clive Russell, Henry Garrett and Honeysuckle Weeks. No release date up yet but watch this space.