Transformers 3 Trailer: “We Are Not Alone..”

t300We got our first glimpse of the new Transformers movie this morning and as we pored over the ‘announcement trailer’ (we understand that it’s kind of like a teaser, but not) we realised that this film might actually contain a storyline. Thank god for Steven Spielberg. “We have a more serious story this time, and I’m trying to make up for movie two,” director Michael Bay told Empire. “I got rid of the dorky comedy, I mean we’ve got two little characters, that’s it, but the dorkiness is not there. Dork-free Transformers. It’s still entertaining…” Bay then went on to explain that Transformers: Dark of the Moon tell of a conspiracy which involves NASA staging a period of radio silence during the lunar landings to cover up their true mission..


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