Water For Elephants Trailer

pattinson300The first trailer for R-Pattz – sorry Robert Pattinson’s – new project Water For Elephants hit the web this week and as you can see, while it is a different genre for our young hero, it’s not a million miles from Twilight. Adapted from Sara Gruen’s best-selling novel by Richard LaGravenese, Francis Lewis’s tale finds Pattinson playing a lad called Jacob (no, not that one), a veterinary student who joins up with a travelling circus to look after their animals. Unsurprisingly, he soon meets the beautiful and talented circus star performer Marlena (Reece Witherspoon) and wife of ringmaster August (Waltz). Yet he soon discovers that August has at two sides to him: one charismatic and caring, the other brutal and unforgiving. Watching Inglorious Basterds might have saved him a bit of time. The events play out in the memory of the older Jacob (Hal Holbrook), who recounts his life to the manager of a circus that he visits. Expect the film in UK cinemas on 22nd April.