Preview: The Man Putin Couldn’t Kill

Alexei Navalny stands on his own two feet despite the odds. Photo: Channel 4

One man, Vladimir Putin; has largely dominated the political scene in Russia for the last few decades but a new, charismatic leader of opposition has been on the rise, denouncing Putin’s tyrannical control of Russian democracy.

On a flight to Moscow in August 2020, this rival, Alexei Navalny began to scream in agony. The flight diverted to the nearest city, and he was rushed unconscious to a hospital. Then after much pressure, relocated to a hospital in Berlin with experiencing in treating those poisoned by the Kremlin’s security services.

In this documentary, we see investigators piece together evidence that Navalny was followed for years, developing new variants of the illegal nerve agent Novichok – the same one used in the Salisbury and Amesbury poisonings.

With incompetent assassins and international espionage, nothing appears to be happening by the books in this ongoing history. Why is Alexei Navalny such a threat to one of the world’s most powerful men? How does he remain an irritant from inside a Russian jail? And how will this battle between Putin and Navalny play out?

The Man Putin Couldn’t Kill – Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4