Preview: Twin Sisters: A World Apart

Alex and Mia share identical necklaces so the other twin is always close by. Photo: BBC

Twin sisters Mia and Alexandra were found as babies in a cardboard box in 2003 and adopted by two separate sets of parents – one from California, the other from a remote Norwegian fishing village.

Although born in China, Mia was raised in the USA as a typical all-American girl, with a bustling life filled with music practice, girl scouts and soccer, while Alexandra grows up in the breath-taking but isolated village Fresvik, in Norway.

Neither adoptive parents were informed their daughters had a twin, but a chance sighting at the orphanage enabled them to keep in touch until DNA testing proved their hunch. Both girls grew up knowing they had an identical twin living on the other side of the world, but they had never met.

The film tells the remarkable story of their parallel journey, punctuated by only the odd visit, videos and photographs – until they meet for a longer visit in Norway at eight years old. Despite living different lives and speaking different languages, they are mirrors of each other – the magical bond between them is not something that disappears.

Twin Sisters: A World Apart – Saturday at 11.30pm on BBC Four