101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow Preview: Game On!

101 WAYS TO LEAVE A GAMESHOW: Saturday 10th July, BBC One, 6.30pm ALERT ME

Let’s just admit it, we all love to watch people making arses of themselves. This may account for the success of You’ve Been Framed and Total Wipeout but it’s also the same reason that 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow has been made.

Steve Jones will be master of ceremonies for this thinly-veiled excuse to violate health and safety laws and hopefully he’ll try not to be as smug as he was when he’s presenting T4. There will be people being shot out of cannons, being plunged head first into cold water and catapulted from a great height, all in the name of light entertainment.

The game takes place in a monolithic tower where contestants will answer multi-choice questions in order to move up to the next floor. The only problem is that all the answers are correct, save for one and the person to get the wrong answers gets flung from the side of the tower using increasingly bizarre methods.

The contestants are all competing for the £10,000 prize but who will save themselves from being made into a human cannonball and take the cash? Who cares? We’re in it for the humiliation! The show is perfectly timed in the schedule too – it’s on straight after Total Wipeout so we can go from daft antics to a nerve-wracking gameshow with barely a breath inbetween. Welcome to your new Saturday night lineup.