Doctor Who Review: Dark Angels

DOCTOR WHO: Saturday 24th April, BBC1, 6.20pm ALERT ME

Episodes of Doctor Who are crowded places these days. In his short career as the timelord Matt Smith has already been in has been in Winston Churchill’s war bunker, liberated a star whale and bemoaned the emergence of a new multi-coloured Dalek. This is all good of course.

The cold-hard truth of the matter is that Doctor Who has strengthened its reputation as the best pound-for-pound piece of catch-all entertainment on television at the moment.

Smith is interesting, arrogant and the sparks between him and Amy Pond add an extra-dimension, but the most notable new novelty to the format has to be the X-Filesesque flavours which now run through the new series. So credit to Steven Moffat et al. for that.

This week’s episode ‘The Time of Angels’ is the first of a little two-part special within the series and we are re-introduced to a fearsome and mysterious adversary in the form of the Weeping Angels.

These suckers look like statues to you and me but can move about and kill in brutal fashion when no-one is looking at them. “Don’t even blink!..” Shouts the Doctor when Miss Pond locks herself in with one.

Seeing as it’s the 51st century, the only people arround to help are a group of priests dressed up for a stint in Helmand Province, but these clerics seem a bit dodgy to us. All will probably be revealed next week but it just another example of the way the programme is brimming with ideas.

Further exciting developments come with the re-appearance of Dr River Song (played by Alex Kingston), who seems to be one of the few people capable of flustering our beloved timelord. Amy Pond is not impressed. Apparently they get it on at some point but keep meeting each other at the wrong time in the space-time continuum. Relationships eh?