Malcolm McLaren – Artful Dodger: Punk Soul Brother


Coming to your screens this weekend is a tribute to a legend which is sure to be momentous. Malcolm McLaren, who passed away on the April 8th, is to be consecrated by a documentary which will trace his life and achievements in satisfying detail.

Beginning by changing fashion with partner Vivienne Westwood, McLaren poured his passion and talent for clothes designing into Let It Rock on the Kings Road, which kitted out Teddy Boys for years to come. After travelling to New York City for a boutique fair in 1972, and making red leather suits for the band, the ‘artful dodger’ then soon fell into managing the New York Dolls.

With the inevitable blurring of punk fashion and music, McLaren sought to revolutionise the music business. He is most famous for his controlling of the Sex Pistols, along with outrageous stunts like the ‘God Save The Queen’ performance on the River Thames. He embodied punk and its distinctive style.

Later moving on to his own personal music projects, Malcolm McLaren: Artful Dodger, will chart the success he manufactured from Duck Rock and Bow Wow Wow. Indeed, very much a man with his own independent goals, his various protégés can be seen as building blocks in his own personal end vision. He delighted in encouraging the likes of Johnny Rotten in their glorious anarchy which undoubtedly propelled his own image.

For a man who touched so many iconic figures, you can expect a rich bank of material and first hand accounts. Never before seen footage, interviews from McLaren, valuable contributions from the Sex Pistols, Adam Ant, the New York Dolls, and many others are a certainty. Whether you’re a fan or not, it would be wrong to miss out on what is sure to be a moving and rock n roll homage to an important cultural figure.