Film of the day: 28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Gruesome, grisly and shocking sequel to Danny Boyle’s low-budget shocker. Yes, it’s been on many times before but there is no escaping the quality of this London-based post-zombie-apocalypse thriller. Like Zack Snyder’s excellent Dawn of the Dead (2004), this film sets its stall out early breaking the harmony of a small band of survivors as their hiding place is discovered by the undead. What follows is a sequence of pitch perfect intensity, which sees Robert Carlyle abandon his wife to her fate as he chooses life over love as he flees.

28 weeks later he turns up as a resident in the US-army controlled safe zone in London’s Docklands and is rejoined by his estranged children. But this isn’t a horror film for nothing. The virus that caused the rage may be dormant but it is not gone and one error plunges the entire community into chaos.

Stars Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne and Harold Perrineau.

28 Weeks Later Wednesday 10.00pm on SyFy