Film of the Day – 300


Bloodcurdling battle cries erupt from the stoic guardian of Sparta, King Leonidas, and his 300 strong legion of warriors as they stand against the so called “god-king” Xerxes of the Persians in this memorable and enjoyable stylised war-epic which finds itself embedded in modern pop-culture. Gerard Butler plays the heroic king and is supported by a cast of big names including Michael Fassbender, Lena Heady and Rodrigo Santoro, while Zack Snyder takes the reign in the production’s director’s seat.

Finding the Spartan council reluctant to mobilise its armies to defend themselves from the Persian advances led by Xerxes (Santoro), King Leonidas (Butler), gathers 300 of his most elite warrior under the guise of using them as an elite royal guard. In reality, he plans to lead the 300 men into combat with the Persians, against the oracle and his council’s judgement. Using tactical and combat prowess as an advantage over the endless legions of Persian troops, Leonidas and his men bunker down for a heroic battle which will be etched into folklore and legend forever.


300 (2006) – Friday 7:00pm on Sky Cinema (Action).