Film of the day: Bad Santa

Bad Santa

Okay, so we’re only a couple of days into December but that is no reason why we can’t enjoy Grinch-like Billy Bob Thornton’s basest of fake Santas as he cases a department store before robbing it.

The foul-mouthed, booze-drenched, alcoholic con man is assisted in his low-rent robbery by Tony Cox an equally shameless fount of expletive and vulgarity. The humour is dead-panned to the max in a way that makes even the most signposted of jokes seem funny.

In and out of stupor, Thornton’s obnoxious Willie T Stokes finds himself the mentor/guardian/comfort blanket for bullied, overweight and neglected child Thurman (Brett Kelly) whose obsession with Christmas means that like a kicked dog he just keeps coming back for more.

It is filthy, crude and great fun. This is the perfect antidote to all the festive matinees that are sure to polute the schedules between now and the 25th.

Bad Santa – Saturday 9.45pm on Sky Cinema Christmas