Film of the Day – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Bill Condon breathes new life into Disney’s iconic musical rendition of the fairytale; The Beauty and the Beast, receiving plaudits from critics and casual viewers alike. The film succeeds in capturing the magic of the original production and, despite being somewhat awkward and clumsy at times; the spectacle is enjoyable to watch both for its nostalgia value and for its quality in its own right. Starring big names such as Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Watson in its lead role, Belle, the film oozes thespian talent which only justifies its production that much more. With Dan Stevens playing the titular beast-prince and a supporting cast including Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Stanley Tucci, the film has enough star power to do the script justice.

After her father goes missing upon seeking shelter in an abandoned castle, Belle – his beautiful daughter – bravely goes searching for him in the grand halls and shadowy dungeons of said castle, where upon she meets its inhabitant; A prince who was turned into a beast for his cruelty and cold vanity. She makes a bargain with the beast, taking her father’s place as prisoner to the castle, leading the two to become closer under the watchful gaze of the household servants (McKellen, McGregor) who were transformed into living commodities and furniture at the same time as the prince. Eventually, the prince reveals the circumstances of his curse to Belle – it will only ever be overturned if he manages to love someone and be loved back before the last petal falls from the cursed rose he was given.

Beauty and the Beast – Sunday 6:50pm on Sky Cinema (Hits)