Film of the Day: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

Writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber brings this debut feature to audiences that might have expected a more… conventional sports flick. Meet Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn) who owns ‘Average Joe’s’ gym – a sleazy and run down establishment with a few regular faces – his life is already not what it should be, and one day things go too far.

Globo Gym, a flashy state-of-the-art and glass-panelled gym, opens up directly across the street and steals all of Peter’s business. White Goodman (Ben Stiller) who owns Globo, realises Peter is in $50,000 of debt and plans to buy his old building to expand his empire. 

Peter has 30 days to pay back his debt, so he sets up a team of misfits to win big the only way he knows how: dodgeball. The tournament seems ripe for the victory, until Goodmans pro squad signs up to compete. Will Peter win the cash prize and save his beloved business, or will Goodman seize another property to milk.


Dodgeball – Monday at 11.10pm on Film4