Film of the Day – The Dark Tower

Dark Tower

Idris Elba stars as Roland, the last remaining gunslinger – who was part of a faction of knightly guardians of a magical land known as Midworld – in an adaptation of Stephen King’s eight book series of the same name, The Dark Tower. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel, the film features Matthew McConaughey as its primary antagonist while newcomer Tom Taylor rounds off the main cast as Jake Chambers.

Bemused by his newfound alleged “psychic” abilities and visions of a cataclysmic fight between an ominous man in black (McConaughey) and a lone gunslinger (Elba), 11 year old Jake Chambers is approached by a group of workers who claim to work in a nearby psychiatric institution, subsequently offering to take him with them. The young boy sees through their disguises however, revealing them to be monsters wearing human skin, as he recognises from a vision he’d experienced before. While fleeing, Jake stumbles through a high-tech portal to another dimension known as Midworld, where he meets the gunslinger from his visions, who he then joins on his quest to stop the man in black from destroying the ominous dark tower – an ancient structure which acts as a gateway, stopping the forces of darkness from encroaching onto the human world.


The Dark Tower – Saturday 9:45pm on Sky Premiere.