Preview – 13 Commandments

13 commandments

Channel 4’s “Walter Presents” initiative brings us a hit crime series from Belgium in 13 Commandments; the story of perpetrator who – while inspired by the 10 commandments – commits brutal crimes in the hopes of challenging society’s acceptance of sin and neglect of the original commandments. The subtitled Belgian drama follows the detectives trying to apprehend the criminal – who’s crimes, it seems, refer to one of each of the commandments with a few extra just for good measure.

The first episode in this hypnotic crime-drama focuses around introducing the viewers to jaded police inspector, Peter Devriendt and his partner Vicky Degraeve. They are sickened to find a 16 year old Turkish girl brutally murdered, initially suspecting it to be an honour killing. However as new evidence emerges the reality becomes far more unnerving as they find that they may have something far worse on their hands.

13 Commandments – Sunday 10:00pm on Channel 4. Also available on All 4.