Preview: I Am Maria

I Am Maria
Lesley Manville stars in this captivating drama. Photo: Channel4/

In this stand-alone short film (part of the three-part, female-led ‘I AM’ anthology) the themes of belonging, purpose and choice are explored in remarkable depth through the eyes of Lesley Manville’s Maria.

At Maria’s 60th Birthday party, she gains clarity about her journey and must seek happiness in whichever way is needed – even if it involves making a tough decision. The story, from BAFTA-winner writer and director, Dominic Savage presents a character at a crossroads in her life and marriage, in which the Oscar-nominated lead must choose between commitment and liberty.

The production has been developed in creative partnership with the actors, using improvised dialogue and unscripted scenes. It creates a great sense of realism, and the character relationships reveal how lifelong relationships can become complacent, leading to painful schisms between two close people. 

Manville comments; “We’re telling an important story about a generation of women or an age of women who no longer have to do what is expected of them and you are allowed to be over 50 and free and sexy and naughty and funny.”

I Am Maria, Thursday at 9pm on Channel4