Preview: Love Island

Love Island Amber and Joanna - awkward

And breathe again! Last night’s shenanigans when the folly of Curtis and Michael’s dalliance with new girls came home to roost, was an unequivocal rebuke from the women of the Island. That ‘Girl Code’ that Maura has been so keen to promote was in full effect as both copped it for their deceit and lack of loyalty.

Sandwiched in between the drama are Jordan and Anna. Apparently taking rejection on the chin is a very desirable quality – and Jordan’s noble acceptance and courteous têtê à têtê with Anna looks to have put her head in a scramble. Is she having second thoughts?

Pouring oil on troubled waters, jilted Amber and Joanna, Michael’s new crush, are invited out for afternoon tea to smooth over the ‘Dead Ting’ comment, but while the show’s producers might have been hoping for a calming reconciliation, what they get is a cat fight. C’est la vie!

Tune in to see it all go down.

Love Island – Thursday at 9.00pm on ITV2.