Preview: Love Island


You know that feeling when you’re just cresting the top of the first big drop on the roller coaster? That’s the point that Love Island has reached now.

Yewande’s eviction, the female housemates could have accepted, but when newly-arrived Arabella stuck her tongue down Danny’s throat, less than two hours after they’d said goodbye, the daggers were out.

At the front of the queue, spoiling for a fight, are Amber Gill and Anna Vakili – not that they’re trying to stir anything up, you understand. There’s a palpable sense of embarrassment in the air as Amber continues to ‘not stir things up’ by going back for seconds and thirds, before retiring to the bedroom to inflict herself on anyone who will listen. 

As for Anna, she’s just blotted her copy book in the eyes of her beau Jordan and we could be seeing the first cracks in their relationship. 

While Amber and Anna believe this was a justifiable ‘Blue on Blue’ attack – everyone else seems to see it as a childish display of bitchiness.

Arabella proves that not only does she have beautiful skin, she also has undoubtedly thick skin as she plonks herself right in among the schemers by the pool. The boys sense danger, they’ve seen this movie before and wisely clam up. The girls reaction … well, fasten your seat belts and keep your arms inside the car at all times.   

Love Island – Wednesday at 9.00pm on ITV2.