Preview – Rich House, Poor House

rich house poor house

Channel 5’s house-swap documentary series returns for a third series on Wednesday in a programme which sees one rich family swap homes and living budgets with a family who are less well-off for one week. The show features Newquay-based antique collectors, Lizzy and Colin Whitting, who are sent to swap lives with Timmings family in the series’ debut episode this week.

Living in the top 10 percent wage bracket in the country, Colin and Lizzy Whitting – who have adorned their home with expensive luxury antique furniture – and their two children are challenged to experience life from the other side this week as they swap homes and livelihoods with the Timmings family. As the Timmings experience a decadent 5-bedroom Newquay house and an extravagant budget for living costs, the Whittings experience relative hardship to gain a better understanding of those less fortunate in society, going from the top 10 to the bottom 10 percent in terms of wages in Britain. As the week comes to an end, the Timmings are in for a massive, and frankly unexpected, surprise.


Rich House, Poor House – Wednesday 9:00pm on Channel 5.