Preview: The Animal’s Guide to Britain

Chris Packham gets to rub shoulders with some of Britain’s most fascinating grassland animals. Photo: BBC

In this series, told from an animal’s point of view, we learn about Britain’s wildlife from many different perspectives. Chris Packham encounters an elite group of five animals every episode, each of which senses the world in a very different way. By understanding their needs, problems and histories on these islands, Chris reveals what they make of modern Britain – and its humans.

In this episode, Chris takes a look at the grasslands. He burrows into the turf himself in order to observe the rarely seen eating habits of starlings; they are clever and well-adapted predators.

British starlings have had their ups and downs: they were once so common that they famously stopped Big Ben due to numbers perching on the clock hands, but nowadays their food supply is dwindling, thanks to modern pesticides.

There are new revelations about how honeybees – insects vital for our future – manage to collect nectar and pollen. And how horseshoe bats, brown hares and barn owls are all learning to adapt to modern Britain in different ways.

The Animal’s Guide to Britain – Thursday at 4.15pm on BBC Two