Preview: The Looming Tower

Jeff Daniels - The Looming Tower

In the concluding episode of this post-mortem into the mistakes and petty infighting between US Intelligence agencies that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to escape attention from the CIA and FBI and bring down the World Trade Centre, we find it’s just another day at the office for John O’Neill (Jeff Daniels), now Chief of Security at the twin towers – only today is September 11 2001.

As events unfold, the apparatus of state swing into effect to find out who is behind the attacks and overseas Americans are hurriedly evacuated.  Soufan’s (Tahar Rahim) extraction from Yemen stops short as the CIA Station Chief finally gives him the answers he has been seeking for months.

A fitting ending to The Looming Tower that sets this series as more than an exercise in blame and reproachment.

The Looming Tower – Friday at 9.00pm on BBC 2.