Preview: The Supervet – Noel Fitzpatrick

Supervet - Bear

Gentle giant Bear, a 15-stone English mastiff, visits Noel after suffering a painful ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee. Replacing the ligament will only lead to further complications in the future. Instead, Noel performs an arthroscopy to clean up the damaged ligament and checks that there is no irreparable damage to the cartilage. As Noel cuts Bear’s tibia bone and secures it with plates and screws, a major team effort is needed to get this massive patient safely through surgery.

Beautiful three-year-old Siamese cat Bluebell is rushed to Fitzpatrick’s as an emergency by Mark and Julia after being hit by a car. Alongside a fractured pelvis, Noel suspects possible nerve damage, and only time will tell whether his efforts can prevent Bluebell suffering permanent damage. And Valerie brings her beloved 10-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever Henry in, who is suffering from a chronically damaged spinal disk. Noel explains that surgery is needed to fix Henry’s problem, but with Valerie’s residual anxiety about the risks involved, she needs reassurance from Noel before making her final decision.

The Supervet – Noel Fitzpatrick – Thursday at 8.00pm on Channel 4.