Sold?: Djalili Haggles For Moneysupermarket

Wouldn’t life be amazing if fat Iranian men popped out of nowhere to save you from wasting money? Well this is the picture that paint for us in their adverts starring comedian Omid Djalili. Possibly inspired by the shenanigans of GoCompare, the company has taken the humorous route for the new adverts as opposed to their previous efforts – which were pretty lifeless: White background, cheap computer graphics… oh and Peter Jones on a trolley (just making another quick buck). Just as save us money (apparently), they have now saved us 40 seconds of rubbish by making an entertaining advert with Djalili.

Known for his racial humour, exposé of stereotypes and “Nigerianitisâ€? (the disease where one slips into a Nigerian accent for no apparent reason), Djalili’s comedy blends well with this advert. “In the Middle East there is a name for people who are born without the ability to haggle. They call them, British.â€? It is apparently due to an “overactive cringe glandâ€?. So true and it certainly has one thinking about losing that haggling phobia. Djalili delivers in his trademark Iranian (or general Middle Eastern) accent with destruction wherever he goes.

The ending comes straight out of the cheese factory with the patent, radiant smile of Djalili and the magical music as he rises “above the high streetâ€?. And in classic Djalili fashion, there it is, the switch back to the English accent, haggling to get down from above the high street. One thing that still bamboozles me is: who decided that all price comparison sites would advertise in a foreign accent? There is with the Italian opera singer, with the Eastern European meerkat and now the Iranian problem-solver for…