Mr. Robot: Season 1

Mr Robot 1

There’s very little I can say about Mr. Robot Season 1 that’s negative. One of its most unique features is the way it seems to adapt plot twists from other shows into one incredibly well-crafted plot.

The focus on hacking and technology is handled really well, just complicated enough to feel authentic without being too alienating of the uninitiated. Every shot feels cinematic and polished, which isn’t surprising because the script is rumoured to have originally been a film script. Every time there’s an opportunity for the show to take the easy way out, they don’t. Every time there’s a turn in the plot which makes everything more complicated, they take that option rather than keeping things basic and expected. I can’t go into these examples too much without spoiling it but suffice it to say you won’t see most of it coming.

It performs better than the sum of its parts and those parts are pretty good. If I had to criticise I suppose I’d like to see a couple of lighter moments. The show’s emphasis on dark themes is great but the occasional gag would be welcome. Even Breaking Bad, a show about a guy with cancer who turns to drug dealing, had a few laughs in it. I think moments of light among the dark may also help the pacing of the show. It chugs along at a very comfortable speed but some relief from the onslaught of dire consequences would make it feel snappier.

It’s the perfect blend of style and substance. The plot and script feel fresh and engaging. The cinematography, there’s no other word for it, could easily be found on a cinema screen. The casting choices are compelling and unexpected – that’s the word: if nothing else, Mr. Robot Season 1 is unexpected.

Mr. Robot is available on Amazon Prime.