Netflix have done it again, throwing a lot of money at a true-crime documentary series, Captive.

This eight-episode documentary, directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), uses false footage to unearth the inside story of kidnappings and the negotiations that follow, in a hope that the captives will be released, back to their families, unharmed.

Following the stories of real hostage situations taking place across eight countries, the series offers an accurate account of the events that took place using both reenactments and achieved footage, covering the story from all angles – the hostages’ accounts, their families, the negotiators and the kidnappers themselves.

Among the muffled voices, shouts, raids and over-dramatic production shots, each episode does explore the intentions and hopes from each participant – with the aim that we, as the impartial viewer, will see the story from all sides, questioning the motives that caused such drastic actions and leave us wondering if basic human rights have been withheld.

Captive, series one – December 9, Netflix